Democrat candidates come to defense of Sen. Kamala Harris after Trump Jr. tweet questioning her race

Some Democratic presidential candidates are coming to the defense of fellow candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, after Donald Trump Jr. questioned her about her race.

Donald Jr. shared and then deleted a Tweet by a right-wing personality who slammed Harris for implying she is a descendant of American black slaves. Ali Alexander tweeted, “She’s not. She comes from Jamaican slave owners.”

Some of Harris’ Democratic presidential rivals publicly defended the California senator — who has both Jamaican and Indian roots.

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said, “Donald Trump is a racist too. Shocker.”

Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey tweeted that Harris does not have anything to prove.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden — whom Harris had challenged during the debate on the issue of race — also took to Twitter to say that using “birtherism” to question Harris is “disgusting,” and said that “racism has no place in America.”

In the past, when Harris was attacked for her race — she would respond by calling herself, “an American.”

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