Democrat candidates campaign in Iowa

The very first presidential nominating contest in the Democratic party is still 8 months away, but the Iowa caucuses are already priority among the nearly two dozen Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Most of them were stumping at different events in Iowa over the weekend.

A Demoines Register / CNN poll released on Saturday showed that while vice president Joe Biden maintain his lead in the Democratic pack with 24 points, Mayor Pete Buttigieg (14), senators Bernie Sanders (16) and Elizabeth Warren (15) are in a virtual second-place triple tie.

The rest — polls in single digits or less nearly 8 months before the Iowa holds the first nominating process in the Democratic race to the white house

In tonight’s top story, Don Tagala gives us a look at how they’re working to win over voters in this critical battleground state.

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  • Mario
    12 June 2019 at 12:35 am - Reply

    Democrat caucus campaign for HATE, same as 2016 election, they have to change their strategy, Trump won the 2016 election because his platform is about BORDER- Immigration reform,LANGUAGE-speak English-America First,CULTURE-American salute, respect the Flag,love GOD and Country not for illegal alien…. BIDEN is leading,SANDERS might steal the nomination as what happened last 2016, he should had been the nominee, but DNC super Delegate rigged the nomination. The same thing on 2020, if DNCsuper delegates feels that BIDEN can not beat TRUMP, Hillary Clinton might be a better pick.