Delay in victim funds following Las Vegas shooting massacre

LAS VEGAS — The distribution planning of the fund for victims, survivors, and families of the October 1 massacre is still in progress — a process Fil-Ams in Sin City say should be sped up.


“I understand that it is a process and I know you have to go through a lot of government regulations and stuff, but its been months. I think it should be disbursed already I think it’s been taking a little bit too long right now,” said Kristie Paran Surendranath.

There are $22 million in funds which are to be divided by 24,000 people, including an estimated 22,000 concertgoers and festival workers plus their families.

The Vegas victim fund chairman says that the challenge they are facing now is the giant number of people who can claim for emotional trauma. Even with the $22 million dollars to distribute, it’s still a small sum for the many people who were severely impacted.


Families of the dead and the catastrophically injured; and people with brain injuries or paralysis
People who were hospitalized due to their injuries.

People who had to be treated within days of the incident for their wounds but were not hospitalized.

Currently, there are three tiers of people who will get money from the fund.

The priority are the families of the dead and severely injured, people with brain injuries or paralysis and the people who were hospitalized due to their injuries, and for people who sustained wounds but were not hospitalized.

Fil-Am shooting victim, Art Andrade Jr., is among those who have been waiting for months. In a statement sent to BA, Arty’s father Art Sr. says that they have moved on and they are putting everything behind them.

Art Jr. is now back to work.

The Andrade’s confirmed that they are among the thousands of families who have been waiting for the Vegas shooting funds as they too have lost a lot of work hours during the time of Art Jr.’s recovery.

Meanwhile, in an 81-page report released by the LVMPD, it provides details of the plans undertaken by suspect Stephen Paddock.

The report states that paddock wired money to his Filipina girlfriend, Marilou Danley, on 2 separate occasions: one on September 26th, when Paddock transferred $50,000 to a bank in the Philippines, and on September 28th, when he transferred another $50,000

Marilou Danley’s whereabouts is still unknown.

While many of the victims have moved on, some are still putting their life pieces together. It’s a scar that is going through a long healing process, and an event that will be forever etched into people’s memories.

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