“Date My Dad” Canadian Pinay on her way to stardom

18-year-old Zenia Marshall is on her way to becoming a star.

Born to a family of musicians, the young Filipino Canadian has been singing and performing at a young age.

She’s played lead roles at school musicals, got cast in the 2016 TV movie “Summer of Dreams” with pop star Debbie Gibson, and is now part of up TV’s latest family series “Date My Dad,” which premiered this June.

Marshall plays “Mirabel,” one of Barry Watson’s on-screen daughters, in the series about the single dad’s return to the world of dating.

As a high school senior, Marshall admits it was hard to juggle school during the 3-month filming of the series in Vancouver.

But the experience was worth it.

Adding she now has both the TV series and her graduation to look forward to.

“I learned how to work with that and made it an enjoyable experience,” said Marshall.

The young actress is the daughter of Pinay tribute artist Luisa Marshall of Tina Turner fame.

While she doesn’t speak Tagalog, she has performed at many community events, and has her share of favorite Pinoy food.

Her mom is proud of Zenia’s accomplishments, but she also has this to say as a veteran performer.

“work harder and be passionate, you gotta do your best, and enjoy every second of it!”

That’s exactly what her daughter is doing.

“Date my Dad” airs Fridays at 9 pm eastern on UP-TV.


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