Daly City’s Classic Bowl serves needy families this holiday season

DALY CITY, CA — It’s a typical Saturday at Classic Bowl of Daly City.

Frames begin to fill by players from bowling leagues or those just dropping in for fun.

But this past Saturday, San Mateo County supervisor David Canepa and Classic Bowl’s Keith Okada have organized their first toy drive which gives people a free bowling game whether or not they donate a toy.

“All the toys are going to go to our Daly City firefighters, and what they do with these toys is about a week before they deliver it to needy families throughout Daly City.”

“I know a lot of people just want to give us toys but we thought we give it an event,” said Okada. “It’s just a wonderful feeling and then they get to still experience bowling and they’re probably going to love it.”

Originally a program that Canepa created to benefit students at Jefferson High School — his toy drive was created to bring the community together, and ensure families still enjoyed the holiday season.

“In this area there are some people where parents are like, ‘I can’t afford toys because maybe they’re working two or three jobs or maybe they’re unemployed. And so if this gives people a little bit of hope, a little bit of joy, you know what that’s what the holiday season, what the Christmas season is all about.”

Classic Bowl has been described as a landmark in Daly City which, according to Fil-Am Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo says, was a perfect reason to hold the event here.

“So many generations have been through Classic Bowl and really have had family time, recreational time,” said Manalo. “And now we’re here together once again to ensure there are toys for children that are needy.”

According to Canepa, around 400 toys were collected from the drive.


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