Daly City officials take steps to engage voters in midterm elections

DALY CITY, CA —  If you are living in San Mateo County, you may have received this letter already.

If you did, it means you are a registered voter and can use this ballot to participate in the California elections.

San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa says he is excited for the opportunity to see more people cast their votes.


“The reason why they did an all-mail ballot is because it has shown it has increased voter turnout and participation. So, now what you do is you are able to receive that ballot, that ballot is no different than an absentee was dropped.”

After marking their choices — people have a variety of options to turn in their ballots; although they still have the option to still vote in person.

“What people are able to do is, they are able to drop their ballot if they choose to at that voting center. Additionally what people are encouraged to do is to send in their ballot via mail.”

Fil-Am Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo says that voting turnout during a non-presidential election can be low — however, she says participation is critical on a local level.


“It’s so important for our community to look at issues even through midterm elections, because this affects our communities whether it’s something on the ballot for our schools, it’s for creating more opportunities for housing, or leadership.”

Mayor Manalo also hopes that her fellow Filipino-American voters can also make it to the polls.

“It’s important to utilize your voice which is your vote, and in the future, if they see how much voting power we have as a community it makes a difference.”


The California primaries are June 5th, while the general elections are to be held November 6th.

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  • Mario
    22 May 2018 at 10:35 pm - Reply

    Big turn-out for ANTI-SANCTUARY candidate… Pinoy voters want a peaceful place to live and hate pro-sanctuary candidates who protect illegal alien criminals roaming around their neigborhood…Number one issue during the MID-TERM election is economy, personal safety and immigration…..