Daly City officials lead community dialogue addressing racism and police reforms

DALY CITY — The killing of unarmed black man George Floyd while in the custody of the Minneapolis police has sparked civil unrest and a call for justice under the Black Lives Matter movement all across America.

This also pushed hundreds of people to reach out to elected leaders of Daly City — home to many Filipinos — requesting policy changes within the police department.

As a result, a study session was held recently to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, racism in society and the police department’s use of force policy.

Vice mayor Jusyln Manalo said she was pleased with the turnout, which comprised of community leaders representing school boards, commissions, congregations and non-profits.

“What was very inspiring was to see the diversity of people on the call. It was just a culmination of different individual members and community representatives that shared their concern around ensuring there is movement toward the racism that has been ensued for over hundreds of years.”

A major takeaway from the discussion for Manalo was a change in policing within the Daly City Police Department.

“DCPD was able to share with them what they can do to better respond to the community’s needs. And out of that the chokehold that very evening was a response and DCPD will no longer do that.”

Besides the ban on chokehold or carotid hold, the Daly City police said it is considering other recommendations and are fully committed to work with the community.

City officials hope that the community, the local government, and the police can continue to have an open, transparent relationship.

“I think it shows how right of way there was a response by DCPD. But there are always ways to reflect and look to do better and I think that’s what we’re doing.”

Daly City officials plan to hold another study session on the community’s most pressing issues in the next two weeks.

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