Daly City officials clash with local businessman over gun shop

DALY CITY, Calif. – Former U.S. Army Captain and San Francisco State University police officer Todd Settergren is still hard at work in preparing to open his gun shop in Daly City despite being denied by the city council.

Now attorneys of Settergren has filed a lawsuit against the city, the city council and Vice Mayor David Canepa.

“Some people will try and make it be about guns but it’s not,” said Settergren. “I’m just a small business man. I’m trying to open up my shop. I’m just trying to make a living and I don’t think how the city went about this was the right way.”

According to the lawsuit, Daly City made Settergren obtain a permit to operate from the city’s planning commission; however, the city council voted to deny Settergren the permit in a 3-2 vote, after hearing comments from the public and receiving a recommendation from the commission.

Filipino American council members were split on the vote. Ray Buenaventura voted against the permit while Mike Guingona voted for it.

Canepa said, “I think clearly, the residents of the east side of Daly City and Mission St. have said we don’t want this gun shop and it’s inappropriate in this area and I think we saw that in the council meeting with as many community leaders that came out.”

Canepa argues that this is not a personal attack and that he is just protecting the interests of the citizens of Daly City.

“In this area we have about five schools,” said Canepa. “It’s an area that in terms of incomes is a lower-middle class income.”

“Most of my business is repairing firearms so for me it’s actually trying to make sure people’s guns at home are safe to use so that there is no accidents.”

According to the lawsuit, Canepa improperly emailed an anti-gun advocacy group to stop Settergren’s shop.

“He was plotting and planning this with an organization that’s totally against guns and I think it’s very plausible to see that correlation,” said Settergren.

According to KTVU Fox 2, Canepa acknowledges the emails and he also says that he is looking into new laws that would prevent future gun stores to open near schools.

Settergren, who has a Filipino wife, says he does not harbor any personal feelings against the city council and hopes that he can open he store as soon as possible.

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