Daly City Mayor on preventing school shootings, emergency protocol

DALY CITY, CA — The first Filipina-American mayor of Daly City says she is making sure there are enough preventive measures to protect the many Filipino students under her watch.


It has been a week since the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students and staff dead.

The Florida incident was the latest in mass shootings — following last year’s shootings on the Las Vegas strip and the Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas.

For Daly City Mayor Juslyn Manalo, the Florida school shooting has prompted her to ensure that proper procedures are intact — in case of an active shooter at any of the schools’ grounds.

According to the mayor, Daly City police trains for active shooter scenarios with schools every other year as part of the emergency protocols for all of the schools in San Mateo County.

“Daly City police department provides resource officers that are basically the liaisons to the schools, making sure they are on site checking in with teachers and students,” Manalo says.

Manalo, who was a student of Daly City’s schools, says she was pleased that the Daly City police chief informed her of new tactics in this new age of technology.

“If there are any incidents around social media or inappropriate behavior within teachers or students, the police department follows up and ensures that they take care of the situation.”

During a meeting at the white house with survivors of last week’s shooting, President Donald Trump suggested arming teachers could help prevent future massacres.

“I think that is not the answer. The answer is really around how we take precautionary action, working with the students, providing safe spaces.”

Mayor Manalo says she is sympathetic to the growing concerns of parents who send their children to school each day.


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