Daly City hospital owner files for bankruptcy

DALY CITY — The operator of Seton Medical Center, Daly City’s largest employer, filed for bankruptcy this past August.

Since then, Seton’s medical personnel and patients have worried about the hospital’s future.

On Monday night, the city council of Daly City unanimously passed a resolution, saying that the hospital remains open and that potential buyers remain committed to patients and employees.

“We are working diligently with our San Mateo County supervisor, and also with state legislatures to ensure that we have a healthcare system that will be there for the future generation and more so, now.”

Seton Medical Center and Seton Coastside are operated by non-profit Verity Health System of California — which is managed by billionaire businessman and former surgeon, Patrick Soon-Shiong.

Seton also faced bankruptcy in 2015, facing the same financial challenges of deferred maintenance, poor payer contracts, and increasing costs.

Fil-Am Mayor Juslyn Manalo expresses disappointment that the issue has gone unresolved.

“I was extremely shocked about because the person that owned the company was a doctor, and he and mentioned that he really wanted to enhance the system, and now that it’s being filed for bankruptcy it’s completely the opposite of what was mentioned.”

Verity’s chief executive officer Richard Adcock said the bankruptcy would allow the operator to maintain patient care while restructuring, and that over 100 parties have already formally reached out as possible buyers.

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