Daly City honors Filipina community leaders by naming landmarks in their honor

DALY CITY — The Daly City Council honored the legacies of Alice Pena Bulos and Erlinda Tiongco Galeon, two Filipina Americans who spent their lives working to empower the Filipino community in the community through political representation and civic engagement.

They may have passed, but their valuable work in the community will soon be memorialized.

The Alta Loma tot lot will be renamed in honor of Galeon this November.

Next year, the Serra station townhouse project community room will be named in honor of Bulos.

With the support of California assemblyman Phil Ting and the approval from Governor Gavin Newsom, a stretch of California state route 35 will be renamed after Bulos as well.

“Now that’s the stretch of the highway that runs through San Francisco, Daly City, and South San Francisco, where Alice Bulos is from. So we thought it would be the perfect location for people throughout the Bay Area, as they go through the freeway, the highway, they could see and recognize Alice Bulos’ name, and hopefully remember her for all her contributions,” said Ray Buenaventura, town mayor.

Daly City councilwoman Juslyn Manalo is currently working on the Serra station to serve as a community hub, and with it being named after Bulos she believes it will have more meaning for the community.

“We hope that when it’s not being rented it can be used by youth programming and really for the younger generation to learn about her legacy and her dedication for Filipino American empowerment,” said Manalo.

Bulos spent her adult life serving on different Filipino American Democratic organizations and in 1995, Bulos was appointed to join former president Bill Clinton’s White House council on aging.

Galeon also served in various Filipino American organizations such as Pilipino Bayanihan resource center, and most notably as the president of the Daly City libraries commission.

Bulos and Galeon also dedicated their lives mentoring and shaping current Fil-Am leaders, like Buenaventura and Manalo.

“There was talk of perhaps we should have done this while they were alive. And quite frankly I think they would have, with all their humbleness, they would have said no. And they would have said, ‘my body of work is not done, anyway.“ And so they would have said someone who’s more deserving, and that’s what’s truly special about these two women. They’re fantastic women. They’re humble women. They’re giving, and they’ve left a mark in our community.”

Bulos died of heart failure on October 21, 2016 and Galeon lost her battle to breast cancer on June 13, 2016.

A dedication ceremony for the Erlinda Tiongco Galeon Lot is scheduled to take place sometime in November.

The Daly City council estimates that replacing the park sign will cost $3,263.30.

According to Buenaventura, congresswoman Jackie Speier has dedicated at least one-thousand-dollars to honor bulos while other local funds will be used to pay for more signage.

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