Annual ‘Love Not Hate’ rally in Daly City brings community together against hate crimes

DALY CITY, CA — A celebration of diversity and acceptance: this is the second annual Love Not Hate rally.

The Daly City Council, along with the fire and police department, said it is important to bring the community together.

“We pride ourselves in welcoming people from all different ethnicities. And it’s really important to continue to show the people that we are all united in one message, in one voice that we won’t tolerate any hatred, any racism, or anything of that sort,” said Mayor Ray Buenaventura.

The event was created after a mixed-race couple of Filipino and Mexican descent was racially harassed while in line at a local grocery store last June 2018.

After a video of the incident went viral, then-mayor Fil-Am Juslyn Manalo created the Love Not Hate event — citing a resolution that ensures inclusion of all people while denouncing racism and bigotry.

“When we talk about racism, sexism, classism, especially, you can’t talk about one without the other so it is prevalent. It’s systemic. So when we talk about these issues, this is an important event, but how do we enact this in public.”

Based on the 2017 annual report from the FBI, hate crimes have risen for the third consecutive year, as racial rhetoric and actions continue to be seen on the news.

The f-b-i said that out of the more than 7100 hate crimes reported, nearly three of out five were motivated by race and ethnicity.

Religion and sexual orientation were the other primary motivators.

According to officials, there have been no recent reports of hate crime in Daly City.

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