Daly City Filipino officials taking steps to get guns off the streets

DALY CITY, CA — This is cell phone footage from Daly City councilwoman Juslyn Manalo during the city’s third annual gun buyback event.

Daly City leaders said that getting guns off the streets can stop the wrong kind of people from getting them — and the loss of innocent lives can be prevented.

“I think in 2017 we got something like 44 weapons. We doubled it to 84, 87,” said Ray Buenaventura.

Those who turned in California defined assault weapons like these received $400, no questions asked.

Those who turned in handguns, shotguns, or rifles received $100.

“We got, I believe the number is six assault defined weapons off the streets. We paid more money for those because this year we had that as a priority.”

The California attorney general describes California defined assault weapons as semi-automatic weapons that are able to accept detachable magazines and have one of the following: a pistol grip, forward grip, detachable stock, grenade launcher, or flash suppressor.

A California-defined assault weapon also includes semi-automatics with a fixed magazine of over 10 rounds.

According to the city council, the gun buyback event was in response to the numerous mass shootings across the country.

“Getting these assault weapons off the hands of individuals that are using it for these unfortunate situations that we’ve seen over numerous times is saving lives,” said Juslyn Manalo. “And I think this is not the last. We’re going to continue to do so because we cannot not take action. We have to take action. It’s for our youth. It’s for our community. It’s for the safety of all.”

City officials said that the collected weapons will be destroyed by the Daly City police department.

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