Daly City Fil-Ams share mix views on Obama’s final SOTU

DALY CITY, Calif. – Leaders of the Filipino American community in Daly City shared mixed reactions to President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union.

Democrat and Filipino American Daly City Councilman Ray Buenaventura thought this was Obama’s strongest State of the Union speech ever.

“It’s because I thought it was very compelling in the way he tried to talk about some of his perhaps failure to get bipartisan support,” said Buenaventura. “He was honest about that. And it was positive because he wanted America to really come together and work together to make us a really better place.”

Republican and Filipino American community leader Rudy Asersion thought the president gave an eloquent speech but lacked energy and did not provide many answers.

“He was subdued and basically this was his wish list,” said Asersion. “He wants the polarized political process to get together and band together and be more bipartisan but it ain’t gonna happen.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump echoed Asercion’s sentiment on Twitter – calling the president’s speech boring, slow and lethargic.

These Fil-Am leaders were also split on how Obama addressed national security.

“We need to be smart and we need to be fighting our enemies smarter than before,” said Asercion. “I just hope whoever becomes the next president will be able to put a handle on it so that we don’t have any attacks like what’s happening now. We are being attacked in the United States and that’s unheard of.”

“As he was saying, there’s a lot of troubled spots in the world but we can’t be the police everywhere,” said Buenaventura. “So we have to be careful with how we respond. We might have the mightiest sword but we don’t always have to use it.

These leaders agree with the president’s point to reject any politics that target people because of race or religion.

David Canepa, Vice Mayor of Daly City, said, “Obama clearly stated that the future is what’s ahead of us and inclusivity and respect for other cultures that’s what we need to be focused on not just as only of representatives Daly City or North San Mateo County but as a country of the United States.”

President Obama says that his speech will serve as a call to action to rally all Americans together to accomplish difficult tasks especially during his final year.

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  • Joe Smart
    13 January 2016 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Please be a balanced news outfit and don’t be a one sided “liberal” sided news organization

    14 January 2016 at 12:29 am - Reply

    Obama, is a very good sales man he can sell you a car without tires. Look he had seven years to do all the things he said in his speech. If you believe him all well I guess you don’t have any brains at all. Obama and his family was here in Honolulu for Christmas and new year, do you know that he was with only the white people and the Japanese people of Hawaii, for two weeks. Not once in his vacation he had any contact with the Filipino people of Hawaii. That’s why I don’t understand why the Fil-AM wants to help Clinton to get into the white House? Clinton and Obama has no class they know you when they need votes after that your all nothing to them. Wake up FIL-AM don’t help Clinton, she has the same thinking like Obama, both of them don’t have the brains to be our leader in America.