DACA recipients meet with staff of Seator Kamala Harris ahead of Supreme Court decision

LOS ANGELES — The fate of these young undocumented immigrants rest on the country’s highest court.

Next week is the Supreme Court hearing on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — which has provided deportation relief, as well as work and travel permits to hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.

Oral arguments will be heard on November 12th — stemming from lawsuits challenging President Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA.

A ruling is expected sometime next year.

“It is 800,000 lives going to be at risk, whatever the decision of the Supreme Court is … and really its important not just for DACA recipients to understand what’s happening because it will have implications, around the millions of immigrants to have protections in the United States…  and really for DACA recipients to know that if their DACA renewals will expire in the next year, to consider renewing as soon as possible by contacting a lawyer or a community-based organization that provides service,” says Anthony Ng.

Ng and other DACA recipients and immigrants rights advocates recently met with California Senator Kamala Harris’ staff, at the UCLA Labor Center in downtown Los Angeles.

“Senator Harris joins her Senate colleagues in an amicus brief, urging the Supreme Court to protect DACA recipients and our ideals of welcoming immigrants. Senator Harris will fight until all Dreamers have a fair shot at the American Dream,” said Heather Hutt, State Director for Sen. Kamala Harris.

Harris was expected to join them, but had to stay in Washington DC for hearings related to the ongoing impeachment process against President Trump.

 Among those joining the conversation was the senator’s Filipino American deputy director for immigration, Katherine Pantangco. Patangco works with Harris’ office in inspecting immigrant detention centers, and monitoring rapid response networks, as well as keeping the community in the loop regarding immigration issues.

“What’s really great and unique about this role especially working with the senator, with our convening power like today we’re able to bring folks together to have these conversations and to make those connections.”

“Senator Harris plays a very important key role in the Senate nationally, just really being one of our leaders on immigrant rights and immigrant issues and then to be able to really be more in touch with people of California especially those who have DACA, those who have TPS who are undocumented, to really understand what the struggle looks like and how she can help move the conversation forward to what relief can look.”

Harri is also among the 16 candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Advocates said that while they’re keeping a close watch on the Supreme Court hearing next week, they’re looking ahead at 2020, finding permanent solutions to immigration issues such as DACA, TPS, and family reunification.

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  • Mario
    11 November 2019 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    SUPREME COURTt decision is FINAL. KAMALA HARRIS can not do any thing. They have 8 years of OBAMAs regime to legalized DACA, that they had created, but they only need DACA recipients to campaign for Democrat votes.Trump offered 3 times for Democrat to resolve DACA, but they prefer TRUMP to fail. Then TRUMP send it to Supreme Court for final decision. We will see. Remember we have 5-4 SC conservative majority.Justice Gursuch is 53 years old a lifetime Judge position, might retire at age 83,it means we have SC Conservative for the next 30 years. Jus GINSBURG is 86,liberal,completed pancreatic radiation on August 2019. Is she retire SC will be 6-3 Conservative,it means SC will be conservative for the next 75 yrs. Before Trump end his 2nd term 2 Conservative supreme Court will retire and replaced by 2 young 50 yrs old will guarantee SC conservative for the next 100 years. If you are millennials and a LIBERAL you will keep losing in the SC,joint the CONSERVATIVE movement you keep winning. BTW, Lower Court is already conservative majority.

  • Tiago Del Mundo
    14 November 2019 at 2:01 am - Reply

    The Republican Party offers the “ladder of opportunity” that every Americans (citizens and immigrants) should take advantage of…To climb the ladder of opportunity, you would have climb one step at a time, no short cuts and the reality of this is that it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifices, sweat, tears and strong determination to achieve your dream, whatever that maybe. But hard work always pays off like most of us have… On the contrary, the Democrats offers the “rope” to anyone, and if you are lazy, hates to work, not willing to make sacrifices, have a lot of dreams, then you grab that rope, you will be lifted to where the Democrats wants you to be… But a few years later you realized that have not seen or experience progress in your life, they you wonder why? After all the Democrats got your vote and they remain in office, they do not know you for awhile.