Could Barack Obama’s endorsement of Justin Trudeau impact Filipino Canadian votes in the elections?

It’s the final stretch to the federal elections in Canada.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau could not have come at a better time for liberal supporters.

The latest election survey shows that the two main political parties are still neck-to-neck, with the conservative party just two points ahead of Trudeau’s Liberal Party.

Filipino-Canadian political pundit Ted Alcuitas hopes Obama’s endorsement will help sway the vote in favor of the liberals.

“I think it would sway some voters because Obama is well-known, well-loved.  I think his endorsement will help the party especially with the critical polling that we’re having, you know they’re neck and neck. Even one vote will swing the vote to the Liberals, I’m very happy that Obama came out.”

Alcuitas observed that conservative candidate Andrew Scheer, who spoke in right-wing group rallies, could be fostering divisions in the country.

“Personally, I’m scared for our country, with the swing to the right, which is happening in the United States of course. Scheer has been speaking at the Yellow Vest rally, some time in Ottawa. The Yellow Vest is a very right wing, alt-right wing organization promoting hatred. So I think we’re copying the American style.

Alcuitas asked Filipino-Canadians to vote wisely when they head to the polls on Monday, and choose the party that will help protect and uphold the rights of immigrants.

Although they don’t consider Obama’s endorsement of Trudeau as foreign interference in the election, some believe this will convince a few more kababayans to vote for Trudeau.

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  • Mario
    19 October 2019 at 3:13 am - Reply

    OBAMA endorsement on TRUDEAU means victory. Some PINOYs are scared of YELLOW VEST, might come out in Canada being TRUDEAU a liberal.France increase Gasoline Tax, that tax is called CARBON TAX, they have to pay for the air we breath, this are Democrat Agenda on Climate Change. In France, citizen called Yellow Vest revolted, until now. TRUDEAU victory will guaranty for the USMCA which is ON HOLD by Nancy Pelosi. TRUDEAU and Prez of Mexico already signed,the USMCA(US Mex.,Canada Trade Agreement) Onced Congress will passed MEXICO and CANADA will be the #1 and 2 US Trading partner, no more CHINA, will remain #3. USMCA is the replacement of NAFTA,USMCA $1.2T/yr. trade deal, while China is $500B/yr trade deal, a defeat for TRUDEAU means USMCA is void. NAncy PELOSi is the problem USMCA is on hold since March, the Union, workers,farmers, all business sector are waiting.Because of Pelosi hated on TRUMP, USMCA will never be passed until GOP take over the House on 2020 election.The DEMs prefer to destroy US economy as long as TRUMP will NOT succeed.