Coronavirus, which has infected more than 500 people and left 17 dead, has reached the U.S.

by Raphael Bosano, ABS-CBN News

More areas across the globe are confirming cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

The first cases were recorded in the city of Wuhan in China.

The U.S. announced its first case Tuesday — a man who returned from Wuhan on January 15th.

Two days before the country began screening passengers arriving from the Chinese city, precautions are also being ramped up in Australia, where a man who recently returned from Wuhan was isolated in Brisbane.

Chinese authorities warn the virus is adapting and mutating.

“There has already been human-to-human transmission and infection of medical workers. There is community-based transmission at certain scales. Evidence has shown that the disease has been transmitted through the respiratory tract and there is a possibility of viral mutation. There is the risk of further spread of the disease.”

In the Philippines, it is clear that the 5-year-old boy confined in a Cebu hospital was struck with a Coronavirus.

But health authorities have yet to confirm if it is the same strain found in Wuhan, China.

“Meron naman silang protocol na sinunod eh na sa antimano alam nilang ganon, so,alam na nila agad. Naka-isolate din po yung nanay. Kinunan ng blood samples and throat swab pinadala na rin po sa ritm,” said Sec. Francisco Duque III.

The coronavirus is a group of viruses that affect a person’s respiratory system.

The source of the virus is most often animals.

Many of them cause mild infections.

But there are also some which have resulted in high morbidities like severe acute respiratory syndrome — and the Middle East respiratory syndrome.

The World Health Organization continues to investigate the 2019-NCOV.

“It is quite clear that the disease is transmitted from human to human. In fact there is thinking that it may be capable of sustaining human to human transmission,” said Dr. Rabindra Abeyasinghe.

Nine individuals have already succumbed to NCOV.

But most of them were elderly or developed complications from a pre-existing condition.

The WHO is set to meet with health leaders to discuss measures that will be taken against the disease.

“We have to do an assessment of whether this disease poses a risk internationally, across borders and if so, whether we need to turn it into a public health emergency of international concern which would necessitate a more coordinated response across country.”

And while the Philippines has yet to confirm a possible case of the 2019-NCOV.

The civil aviation authority of the Philippines and the bureau of quarantine are already beefing up their measures to monitor arrivals in ports, especially those coming from China.

Fear of the spread of the virus is high especially since thousands of Chinese are expected to fly in and out of China to celebrate the Chinese new year.

However, the Philippine health department does not see the need to issue a travel advisory at this time.

Like the ordinary flu, a coronavirus infection is self-limiting and all that’s necessary is complete rest, and proper management and medication.

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  • Mario
    26 January 2020 at 12:51 am - Reply

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