Coronavirus impacts 2020 elections, with delayed primaries and canceled campaign events

This is the new normal, for now.

In hundreds of towns and cities across America, social distancing  — while it could help prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus — is already crippling this year’s presidential and local elections.


On the eve of one of the bigger presidential primaries, Ohio Governor Mike Dewine delayed the state’s election amid the pandemic.

So far, at least three states have already decided to hold off on their presidential primaries scheduled at later dates: Georgia, Louisiana and Kentucky.

The challenge for the two Democratic frontrunners and for President Donald Trump is how to continue connecting with voters.

They all have canceled campaign events to avoid large crowds,

Trump is already a shoe-in for the Republican party’s nomination.

When it comes to the Democratic side, political analyst Cheryl Quinio Blodgett said voters should not worry even if primaries in their states get canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“What can happen is that once they have their delegates in those specific states for the democratic party and the republican party, those delegates will then make a decision to be the vote for the American people in those states.  So they will probably do small conventions within their specific towns to have their delegate on the floor during the Democratic Convention.” 

After Tuesday, there are 24 other primary elections left, including states with big number delegates, Pennsylvania and New York. New York, however, is considering delaying it’s April 28th election.

Filipino American voters and even candidates also responded to the global outbreak and how it has affected everyday life — and the importance of putting public health first before politics.

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