Convicted Pinoy terror suspect appears in court

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – With some family members in the courtroom the Filipino man convicted of terrorism faced a judge hoping for an acquittal.

A jury convicted Ralph DeLeon last September of three terrorism related counts. His co-defendant Soheil Kabir was convicted of 4 counts.

A federal judge heard arguments on Monday from their defense teams asking for an acquittal or retrial.

DeLeon’s defense argued that their team was given what they call “an unfair shake” by not being allowed to define entrapment to the jury and use it is as a defense. They say that by having the entrapment theory in the courtroom the nature of their argument could have changed.

Prosecutors however challenged their arguments saying that there is no evidence of inducement from the informant continuing their stand that many of the alleged terror plot’s plans began before the informant had met DeLeon and his friends.

The judge will issue a ruling if a second trial or acquittal will take place by the end of this week.

No matter what the final ruling may bring both DeLeon and Kabir will still be sentenced later this month. They face the possibility of life in prison.

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