Contributing social security, pensions contribution for overseas Filipino workers

MILPITAS, CA — Dr. Gonzalo Duque, a commissioner of the Philippines’ Social Security system, or SSS, is in the U.S. opening a branch at the Philippine Consulate in New York.

Now, he wants more overseas Filipinos to know that the SSS can help them.

“I appeal to everybody to maximize your contributions. In maximizing it when you retire, you should have paid 10 years, 10 years of contributions. You will be able to get your retirement.”

The Flexi-fund program is exclusive for OFW members paying maximum contributions under the regular SSS program, and the benefits of paying a higher monthly contribution can assist them in the future due tax benefits and interest accrual.

“No tax. That’s the difference when you invest with a stock broker or a bank you have a withholding tax. But with SSS, you have no withholding tax so that’s the benefit.”

Duque says coverage goes into effect immediately.

“On the first month of contribution, after the first continuations, if they die they will get the funeral benefits. And then after 36 months of paying, religiously, they can borrow as salary loans.”

For more information — you can visit the branch offices located at the San Francisco, New York, and Toronto consulates or log onto

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  • Mario
    9 July 2019 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    If you received PH SSS and you are also receiving US Soc Sec, the US government has the right to deduct your monthly US SocSec pension. There was a ruling on the US SocSec Law. Research on that law. My cousin receiving monthly US SocSec pension of $1000/mo. and the SocCec office asked if he is also receiving PH military pension. He said NO, the US SocSec Office, type his name in their computer then shows that he is receiving pensions, also a copy of his monthly PH pension check and signature at the back. Now he is receiving $500/mo…The same thing, our Kababayan, retired Principal in PH, they reduced his US SocSec pension. US SocSec has all the website of PH Govt offices. In my opinion, fellow Pinoys are reporting this to the US SocSec office. Can any one published the US SecSec ruling….

  • Christian Bautista
    10 July 2019 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    Is this for real? I recently contributed to my SSS after a decade of hiatus. I am still on my 30’s and I thought it is a great idea to have 2 pensions when I retire. I am still US citizen. would it matter if I am dual in the future? hmm.

    • Mario
      18 July 2019 at 5:08 am - Reply

      This is the SocSec Law called “WINDFALL ELIMINATION PROVISION” type and Google it. A Pinoy Vet with PH pension and started also receiving USSocSec pension check for 6 years. SocSecoffice stop the payment was asked if he is receiving PH pension.Said Yes, but US SocSec off said he has to pay back and will start receiving USSOcSec when he reaches 85 years old, they show the WEP law..Under Duterte, former PH military received PVAO pension of 5000 Pesos and if you are 70 yrs old it will be 6700Pesos. With the WEP law you will received ZERO US SocSec pension. This is the new racket of our Kababayan, they are reporting us/you thru anonymous letter, by just your NAME, Home address SSoffice will find out who is receiving at SocSec pension at that address… SSoff has 30 prepared questions,tell the truth. they always tell you it is $1 to 1Peso. prepare to beg you have nothing to lose.