Congress reaches border security deal

NEW YORK —  A 1,159-page border security bill was released late Wednesday night, a couple of weeks after a culmination of closed-door meetings and tense negotiations — giving Congress a day to vote on it before the midnight Friday deadline.

President Trump is expected to sign the measure to prevent another partial government shutdown.

The negotiated package provides $22.54 billion in total border security funding, including the nearly $1.4 billion for 55 new miles of barriers, and these other security measures.

Money has also been allocated for 75 new immigrant judge teams to reduce backlog in courts. But nothing for a concrete wall.

George Spadoro, a former New Jersey state legislator, now a chief negotiator with CSG law firm, believes the president would find a way to build that solid border wall.

The president has also threatened to declare a national emergency to get the funding to build his wall — a campaign promise that the Lasala family in El Paso supports.

The bill would fund 9 federal departments through September 30, giving a bit of relief for the more than 800,00 federal employees who were affected by the longest partial government shutdown which lasted 35 days from December to January.

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  • Mario
    16 February 2019 at 10:08 pm - Reply

    Trump declared National emergency last Friday to address the border crisis allowing to move FUNDS from diff agencies, outside of Congress to built border wall. Previous Prez have issued 58 national emergency since 1979, 31 of those are still in effect. Bill Clinton issued 17,GWBush-13,Obama-12. Trump using Obama emergency on Mexican Cartel declared on 2011 to built the border wall, emergency include swine flu, flint water crisis,& Iran.Trump started the wall and conservatives already shouting “finished the wall” don’t get shocked when Obama claimed “I’ll built that”. Democrat led House Judiciary Committee will launch investigation into Trump Nat Emrgncy Declration, this will delay & want Trump to fail,on all his projects.Trump will get sued by 9th Circuit court and will end-up to SCourt. What shocked everybody, DOW stocks went-up soaring high, showed consumers confidence, because investor,residence felt more secured, knowing that Trump can move $21B funds outside congress approval.