Congress narrowly avoids another government shutdown


The House passed the bill around 9:30 Thursday night.

The $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill keeps the government open through September. The Senate agreed to a two-day extension of current funding levels, giving senators time to move on the House bill.

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  • Mario
    13 December 2014 at 1:14 am - Reply

    162 GOP-RINO voted YES,67 GOP-Tea Party voted NO,many Dems voted NO, the end result is a win for Obama $1.1Trillion spending bill. The bill will fully fund for $1B,Obama exec amnesty,work permit for 5M illegal, which means an invitation for more illegal to cross the border. The GOP controlled House funded also Obamacare, attached several pork barrel and loosen bank regulation, which mean more corruption on Wall street.Grass root revolt over ‘Huge deception” on GOP leadership (Boehner and McConnell)GOP-Tea Party and conservative groups are already planning to oust GOP-RINO leadership. Many of the Democrat don’t like the spending bill, and still have time to shut down the gov’t, since they are still in control of the Senate.

    • Delia
      13 December 2014 at 1:12 pm - Reply

      Well Mario , heres the cream of the crap, We’ve been hoo doo-ed and lied to so much by both parties none of us truly knows what to believe.