Confirmed coronavirus case in Carson, CA reportedly involves Filipina patient

CARSON, CA — The numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to grow.

And with more tests being given, some 190 positive cases have been confirmed in Los Angeles County, with many more expected.

“You can assume that for every case that we’re testing people, there are maybe 5-10 cases of people in our communities, people that haven’t been tested in fact infected with COVID-19 and able to transmit that to others,” said Dr. Barbara Ferrer of the LA County Public Health Dept.

LA County health officials are now releasing city-by-city numbers, and in the city of Carson — the first positive case reportedly involves a Filipina.

Neighbors told ABS-CBN News that the Filipina patient is in her 50s and works in a care facility, along with other members of her household. They said she felt sick for nearly a week before she was treated.

“That Monday when Ate was admitted in the hospital hindi namin alam. On Thursday she was moved to ICU, Saturday night the result came out — and it was really positive and on that Sunday we stayed home. It’s first day of our being quarantined.”

And because of their frequent exposure to their neighbor, Stacey and her family have self-quarantined themselves since Sunday.

While Stacey’s family is healthy and comfortable in their home, they’re also hoping for more tests to be available.

She explained that the only advice she had received was “If you have interaction with a patient, you should self quarantine, you should do it by yourself.”

While they’re taking this quarantine one day at a time, they are also concerned that other neighbors who came in contact with the infected Filipina are not isolating themselves.

As for the patient, the family declined to speak to the ABS-CBN News but did relay through Stacey that she is in stable condition.

Los Angeles County health officials have opened three drive-through testing sites, however, they are only open to patients that have been directed by a provider to get tested.

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  • Carolyn
    22 March 2020 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    Come on people. It’s your Civic duty to isolate from other people. This is serious. For every person testing positive they have more than likely infected ten other people and those have infected a hundred. Think about it. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and stay at home. It’s never going to stop unless we stop it.