Commuting safely with children in secured car seats

DALY CITY, CA — As a first-time expectant mother, Mayor Juslyn Manalo is learning about this program that many counties and cities have to ensure that car seats are installed properly.

She believes this is important to share with the community.

“When I first learned about the program, I asked some of my colleagues and friends if I knew about it. They had no idea.”

According to the National Highway Transportation Authority, 38 percent of children killed in car crashes in 2016 were unrestrained, and in 59 percent of cases, children’s car seats are used incorrectly.

The Daly City police department has an ongoing program to assist parents and families to comply with new regulations without cost.

“You want to make sure they’re in a 35, 45-degree angle or the seat is at street level. You want to make sure the seat isn’t too far forward or too far back,” said Ofc. Lee Magalong.

Typically, for new parents, hospitals will inspect your car seat prior to release; however, mayor Manalo says that should not be the only time you make sure your car seat is fully in tact.

“It’s so important especially around the holidays. I think more so during the raining season that not only new infants but all children are safe.”

Manalo adds that you should register your car seat with the manufacturer in case of any recalls.

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