Community supports elderly Filipino facing deportation

As groups rallied in Northern California for immigrant rights, some advocates accompanied a Filipino man as he continues his quest for a solution to his immigration issues brought on by a scam.

As immigrant rights activists hit the streets to call for fair immigration reform, after the president unveiled a plan to eliminate family petitions in favor of a merit-based immigration system.

Other advocates are joining fights in the courtroom.

For the 10th time in five years, 64-year-old Mang Eddie shared his experience with a notario nearly a decade ago put him into deportation proceedings.

This is the second time he’s entered his immigration check-in, flanked by advocates, who fear the worst.

Once again, the court has allowed an extension for Mang Eddie.

“We got another reprieve for 6 months, you just never know some of it is very arbitrary. We have a lot of support, a lot of support letters coming out… there’s also medical concerns so we’re hoping to get another extension,” says Aqui Soriano Versoza.

With the continued uncertainty that Mang Eddie’s next check-in can be his last, community members have been gathering letters of support, while accompanying him to his check-in as they continue to find a permanent solution.

“It’s about helping to get some extension while we’re trying process other things that are permanent relief, because this is just going to be like a check-in, and an extension until we can actually file for the permanent relief — but we need him to be able to stay here to do that permanent relief, so it’s really crucial.”

Mang Eddie is scheduled to come back to immigration court in November — but before that, the elderly store clerk will also have a medical check up on his heart conditions.

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  • Mario
    23 May 2019 at 1:10 am - Reply

    Who is going to pay for his Immigration lawyer, is it FREE?. Time to go home you came here illegally, in my opinion, because of your age YOU are not productive anymore, you can not work to provide social security, medicare, Fed Tax, State tax on your payroll check. So therefore, it is LESS expensive to US gov’t to send you home. You have to expect reality.