Community stands by Filipina who was racially attacked in a public park in Southern California

TORRANCE, CA — A workout at a Torrance, CA park turned into a racist rant towards a Filipina.

The victim, known only as Sherry, was doing a cardio workout at a staircase in Wilson Park last Wednesday morning when another park-goer began screaming at the Filipina.

Sherry’s friend, Samantha Baker, took a video of the incident and posted it on social media — and since then, it has been viewed and shared on various platforms millions of times.

“It’s not right. It’s all people of color everywhere. They’re getting treated like this,” said Sherry.

While the racist rants have gone viral, the local community in Torrance has proven that support and solidarity are even more contagious.

In support of Sherry, hundreds of people gathered at Wilson Park on Friday morning for a peaceful and powerful workout.

“We all love and support our neighbors here in South Bay, so today is all about lifting each other up, creating some positive energy within ourselves. To go out and have tough conversations,” said Ty Renner.

“I wasn’t going to show up because I was still afraid but I needed to go. I need to say thank you. I feel so much better now that other people came out. I feel bad that it happened but to know that I’m not the only person, I feel more supported,” said Sherry.

Sherry’s incident brought to light more racist attacks by the same person.

Pictures have resurfaced on social media, showing the said perpetrator physically attacking another Filipino American woman named Kayceelyn Salminao at a local mall last October.

Salminao also took the time to attend the community gathering at Torrance.

“She needs to be put away, she’s unfit to society obviously. She needs to be put away, that’s all I want… multiple people have been injured by her verbally physically. Torrance PD needs to do something.”

Both Fil-Ams have filed police reports against the still-unidentified woman who attacked them.

For now, they hope the social media posts showing the attacks would bring them some justice.

George Chen, Torrance’s lone Asian American city councilman, came by and spoke to the victims, telling people that the police department is investigating the incidents.

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