Community members hold vigil, call on state officials to uphold sanctuary status in CA

LOS ALAMITOS — Major moves by a handful of California cities. As the state continues its sanctuary policies, other cities are distancing themselves.

California’s reputation as a liberal state grew even stronger this year, when it enacted its sanctuary state policies. However, some local governments are taking their strong conservative stances and pushing back.

In recent weeks, the Orange County town of Los Alamitos and the Orange County Board of Supervisors have passed local ordinances refusing to follow SB 54, the California Values Act — which declares California a sanctuary that will not cooperate with police in arresting undocumented immigrants.

While President Donald Trump has shown support for local governments that have defied SB-54, Los Alamitos and Orange County will join the Trump administration’s lawsuit.


While Los Alamitos has not specified how it will defy the sanctuary policies, Orange County plans on publicly publishing release dates of criminals.

Filipinos organized and rallied in Los Alamitos, believing that the state’s sanctuary policies can improve relationships between law enforcement, leaders, and undocumented communities.

“First is education. Second, is realizing we have rights and are taxpayers and we can elect our city council we can demand change from them and change needs to be demanded,” says Michelle Tio.

“The California values act is there to make our communities safer and more welcoming and we are all threatened when individual towns and counties try to defy the California sanctuary law,” said Monica Glicken.

While the anti-sanctuary cities believe it will create safer streets by deporting criminal aliens, some Filipinos believe that the local anti-sanctuary ordinances will do the opposite.

“We can’t have public safety if those people who we are referring to as quote ‘illegals’ can’t go to the police and report crimes they’ve witnessed or been victims to,” says state Senate candidate Jestin Samson.

Last week, a Texas-led coalition of about a dozen state filed an amicus briefing supporting President’ Trump’s lawsuit against California.

Despite these actions, California’s top democratic state officials believe that their lawsuits will not advance far, and they may be subject to penalties for breaking state laws.

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  • Mario
    3 April 2018 at 4:34 am - Reply

    Immigration is set by the Federal Government NOT local or State jurisdiction. Federal law is the law of the land can override State law. Trump appointed Justice Gorsuch, now 50 yrs old, retire at 85, SC is conservative majority(5-4) for the next 35 years, eventually Sanctuary City will be struct down, and no chance for Sanctuary City law to win. Trump is the head of the Federal Gov’t and his job is to protect the people.The Democrat politicians are aiding and abetting dangerous criminal alien,in CA as a Sanctuary City. California voters want SAFE, CLEAN,Free from dangerous criminal alien and border wall California. Democrat you are in deep trouble come mid-term election, Californian are tired of illegal alien.