Comey slams Trump administration for “lies” and efforts to “defame him”

WASHINGTON DC — It’s been regarded as one of the most widely anticipated congressional hearings in years.

In front of lawmakers, Former FBI director James Comey publicly accused President Donald Trump’s administration of working to “defame” him and the FBI, and “lying” to the American people — when they said that the FBI was in disarray and the workforce lost confidence in its leader.

Comey stressed he was fired by Trump to interfere with his investigation of Russia’s possible collusion with the Trump campaign to sway the 2016 presidential election.

“I know I was fired because of something the way I was conducting the Russia investigation, was in someway putting pressure on him, was in someway irritating him, and he decided to fire me because of that,” he said.

Comey talked about a series of one on one meetings with Trump, where he said the President left him feeling uncomfortable and concerned where he was pushed to stay loyal, pressed to clear Trump’s name, and to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s tires to to Russia.

Comey reiterated that he never initiated the closed-door meetings, private dinners and phone calls with the president.

He said that at one point, he even reached out to Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to allow any further direct communication between Comey and Trump.

But through it all, Comey revealed that he told Trump — on a few occasions — that the president was not personally under investigation in the Russia probe.

It validated claims by Trump and his supporters that he did not collude with Russia to interfere in the election.

Meantime, in response to Comey’s testimony, Trump’s personal attorney Marc Kasowitz says the president “never, in form or substance” directed Comey to stop investigating anyone, including Flynn.

Kasowitz also said that Trump never demanded loyalty from Comey.

Trump’s lawyer accused comey of “unauthorized disclosures” of “privileged communications” he had with the president.

As Comey dropped bombshells before Congress, Trump assured his supporters that his administration will not back down from doing what it right.

“We’re under siege you understand that, but we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever. You watch. You fought hard for me and now i’m fighting hard for all of you//”

The Senate Intelligence Committee said there’s more work ahead in the committee’s Russia investigation. They intend to meet next week with the special counsel leading the controversial probe.



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  • Mario
    9 June 2017 at 2:59 am - Reply

    A good day for the WH, Trumps is completely vindicated.10 months of Media, Democrat, Deep State lying on Trump-Russian collaboration. Comey own testimony said 3 times Trump is not a target of investigation, there was no collusion bet Trump and the Russian. Comey admitted that he leaked his own personal memo to the media to force WH to appoint independent investigator.But a new issues from Comey is coming out,mentioned former AG Loreta Lynch to refer on Clinton email as a “matter” instead of investigation. Comey is trying to tell the Senate Investigation Committee to go after AG Lynch who force him to seat on Clinton emails…”Lock her Up”