COMELEC kicks off U.S. campaign to encourage voting in Philippine elections

Philippine overseas voting for eligible dual citizens has begun, and the Commission on Elections, or COMELEC, officially kicks off this massive campaign to appeal to all registered voters to participate in the May 13 Philippine elections.

Comelec commissioner Rowena Guanzon arrives at the Philippine consulate in San Francisco — to officially start the overseas absentee voting period.According to the consulate — of the 1.8

Million registered voters around the world, 250,000 can be found in the US.

In addition, there was a 33.27 percent voter turnout in the San Francisco consulate’s jurisdiction during the last election.

Commissioner Guanzon says they are trying to not only meet but surpass that number, despite the fact that typically voter turnouts are low during mid-term elections.

Voters may select 12 senators and one partylist.

Upon completion, voters can mail back their ballots.

Others have opted to use the consulate as their address in order for them to walk-in and cast their votes there.

For more information regarding voting, people are encouraged to visit the Philippine embassy website or to contact the Philippine consulate in your area.

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