Cold weather, snow and ice castles form in Edmonton

by Marjorie Carmona Newman, ABS-CBN News

EDMONTON — Edmonton, Canada has been experiencing extremely cold weather since December.

Luckily for Edmontonians, this brings a surprising attraction at Hawrelak Park.

The cold weather invited kababayans to visit a popular family attraction that just opened few days ago — the ice castles.

Ice castles are constructed using hand-placed individual icicles. The creator forms about 10,000 icicles per day in the “icicle garden.”

The grand structure is made of 10-20 feet-thick pure ice without inner reinforcement.

“On a beautiful weather day or on any kind of weather, as Filipinos we are enjoying the creative abilities in Canada. It’s a good family gathering and good place to see,” said Michael Marier, an Edmonton resident. “I would definitely recommend to people to look what they have done here and to enjoy the creation of ice.”

The individual icicles are held together by chemical bonds, forming a relatively strong attachment with no weak point or risk to the integrity of the ice structure. When warm air heats the castle, the ice melts and forms slush.

The icicles melt from bottom up, reducing the risk of icicles from the top dropping. In essence, nature itself maintains the structural integrity of the castle.

“Maganda po siya actually first time ko lang po pero na appreciate ko kaagad yong sorrounding… Nag enjoy ako sobra,” said Heo Baques.

This amazing attraction was built by the Utah based ice castles company. Families explore the castle’s architectural features such as the numerous archways and various grand caverns, providing lots of family fun during this arctic weather.

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