Coast to coast, activists counter-protest against the “alt-right”

VENICE BEACH, CA — As the left and right met in Boston, with counter-protestors eventually driving out conservative groups, hundreds marched through the Venice Beach boardwalk as they remembered the victims of the past week’s rally turned deadly in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Their message was heard loud and clear.

With more conservative groups, as well as the so-called “alt-right”/white supremacists, publicly gathering throughout the country, Filipinos like Alberto Reyes joined the action to denounce these groups.

“It’s a shame our elected leader is allowing these people to come out of the woodwork and now that they have some in charge they feel same expressing their hate, expressing their racism. We’re out here to say that’s not okay,” said Reyes.

These actions come a day after Steve Brannon’s departure as the White House Chief Strategist. While he is one of the latest in a growing exodus of administration officials, activists say there needs to be more.

“It’s not a victory until we see policy changes, until we see some official statement saying that this racism this amount of hate is not welcomed here in America. Anything less than that does not count as a victory,” said Reyes.

While there were a few verbal confrontations along the Venice rally route, it was peaceful, anti-illegal immigration groups also held their own rally in Laguna Beach on Sunday night, with counter-protestors also showing up and outnumbering the group.
While these activists call for a presidential ouster, the possibilities have also gotten more serious — as both members of the Senate and the House have made moves to impeach the president, as well as call for his resignation.


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