Closed schools force Fil-Am families to weather major SF storm at home

SAN FRANCISCO – As San Franciscans drove through flooded roads and walked through gusting winds, some Filipino families took advantage of having their kids stay home from school.

Reacting to what’s been called the “storm of the decade”, the San Francisco Unified School District said it was in the best interest of its students and staff to close schools for the day.

The Corpuz family said they heard how bad the storm was going to be but didn’t think it was going to be this bad.

“It was probably smart to close down schools and a lot of people stayed home from work because it rains a little bit and people forget to drive,” said Mischa Olivas.

Olivas said that she was going to turn a negative into a positive.

“I think it’s good just to stay home and hibernate a little bit and spend time with people you love,” Olivas said. “I would be worried if my kids were across town at school and something happened.”

Melissa Reyes and her five-year-old daughter Solisia said they were going to make the most of the rainy day.

“We’re going to be at home watching movies and my daughter is going to finish her homework,” Reyes said.

Both families said they planned accordingly in case of any emergency.

“We got canned food, candles ready, we got a book in case the TV goes out,” Olivas said. “But I think just having stuff on hand and we can’t get out, at least we can make it through the day.”

“My roommates were group texting and saying it was going to be bad. So my roommates were able to get water and flashlights so I feel pretty prepared,” Reyes said.

With the majority of the heavy rainfall coming down on the Bay Area Thursday, school officials in San Francisco plan to resume classes Friday morning.





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