Close race in Ohio for midterm elections

The House special election in Ohio’s 12th district turned into a neck and neck race on Tuesday. The closely-watched special election ended with Republican Troy Balderson up by a narrow 0.9 percentage point edge over Democrat Danny O’Connor.

The contest could still be headed to a recount.

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  • Mario
    9 August 2018 at 5:45 am - Reply

    Democrat blame Russia for OHIO loss,said Green Party are Rusky agent.Trump campaigned at his candidate home state,during Mid-term and special election, during Obama’s regime,he just stayed at the WH. Trump tweeted, won big time 5 for 5, and NOW won 8 out of 9 House seats. Dems superstar Alexia CORTEZ,all her endorsement LOST in every race.There are 100 SENATORs, GOP-51 vs Dems-49, need 60 votes to pass a bill(DACA,Border wall, immigration reform, etc), GOP should add 9 new seats(51+9=60).IS THERE CHANCE for DEMS on Mid-Term..YES..There are 35 Senatorial seats to be contested plus 7 GOP are not running for re-election (35+7=42). There are 435 CONGRESSMAN,GOP-242 vs Dems-194, Dems need to flip 24 GOP seats, 25 are former CLINTON territory,(194+24=218) to gain majority and to IMPEACH Trump.TRUMP strategy is `Art of the Deal-DIVIDE and CONQUER,1)Dems Socialist Party-Sanders-Cortez,2)Dems Establishment Radical-leftist group-Clinton, Pelosi,Schummer.3) Trump trying to push, Dems moderate composed of majority Dems voters -Biden.