Clinton’s lead grows while some Fil-Am Democrats still “feel the Bern”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Now winning three out of the four recent primaries and elections, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reclaims the front runner status in the Democratic Party’s race to the White House after a decisive victory in South Carolina Saturday.

“We’ve now gone through four early states and I want to congratulate Senator Sanders on running a great race and tomorrow this campaign goes national,” said Clinton.

The Clinton campaign is hoping to keep that momentum on Super Tuesday.

An NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday shows Clinton is leading by about two-to-one margins in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee.

“There is no doubt in my mind that America’s best years can be ahead of us,” she said. “We have got to believe that. We’ve got to work for that. We have to stand with each other. We have to hold each other up. Lift each other up. Move together into the future that we will make. Thank you. God bless you and God bless America!”

Meantime in Washington, DC, Filipino-American supporters of the former secretary of state are hoping she will clinch the Democratic nomination come National Convention day in July.

Democrat Sonny Busa bets on Clinton as an insider who knows the ropes.

“She’s the only candidate out there who is ready to be President on Day 1,” said Busa. “Former senator, former First Lady, former Secretary of State. She knows all the world leaders, she knows the issues, she knows how Washington operates.”

Independent voter Allan Palacios is still undecided at this time, but is leaning more towards Sanders.

“I like Bernie Sanders,” said Chan. “I like what he has to say. He seems to be making a lot of sense, which is unique, I think, in politics.”

With three huge primary and caucus victories, Republican presidential candidate Donald trump has also solidified his position as the GOP frontrunner and the most likely GOP presidential nominee.

Arnedo Valera is feeling the Bern, and wants Sanders to be the next president, but when left with a choice between Clinton and Trump, he says he’d stick to his party’s candidates.

“I’m a campaign apostle of Sanders,” said Valera. “I think in the national elections, while it is Trump in the Republican party, we hope it is Sanders that will be chosen by the Democrat and he will defeat Trump, but if Hillary wins so we will gear towards supporting Hillary.”

A big win by either of the candidates could pave the way for an easier road to the White House, with 865 delegates at stake on Super Tuesday.



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