Clinton highlights Filipino issues at California rally

SAN GABRIEL, Calif. – Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton drummed up her ties to the Filipino American community during a rally in California on Thursday. As Steve Angeles reports, Clinton’s remarks resonated with Fil-Ams who have backed her for years.

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  • Enigma
    8 January 2016 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    This woman is so corrupt.Her hypocrisy is second to none. And many of you want to vote for her ? Shameful. . . . . . pathetically shameful.

    It’s hard for me to believe that anyone can regard Hillary with anything but disdain. The simple fact this woman, with at least 2 boxcars full of baggage and lies is even a contender, is incomprehensible. Hillary will fade into the federal prison system. Do they have prison pant suits?

    I would Pay to see Hitlary in Prison! ,She sure would look better in a striped orange jump suit. Heck… she might even start a new fashion statement among the political elite in DC if she wore one.

    Even if she wasn’t such a liar and fraud, why in the world would anyone vote for a person with such a lack of qualifications and such a history of failures? Frankly, it is absolutely unfathomable to even contemplate. Only someone kept in the dark and ignorant would vote for that criminal.

    How is she not in jail is proof of the massive scale of corruption in OUR government.

    Has Filipinos even thought of why China become the biggest threat for Philippines?

    The Clinton Sellout to communist China.
    It is also known that Bill Clinton and his administration have facilitated sensitive technology transfers to the Communist Chinese in exchange for campaign donations and other favors. Not only were there technology transfers that amounted to treason, but multiple counts of espionage were covered up as apparent “payback” for donations received. Thanks to Bill Clinton and other accomplices, the U.S. government’s response to the nuclear theft at Los Alamos was marked by delays, inaction and skepticism—even though some senior intelligence officials believed the theft was among the most damaging cases of espionage in recent history.

    Clinton has compromised American security on multiple counts: he released classified missile technology to China after receiving political contributions from the communist Chinese, he has allowed China to take control of port cities on both ends of the strategically-vital Panama Canal, and has allowed the Russians and Chinese access to sensitive missile bases, command centers, and shipyards

    The Clintons have left a trail of bodies that is large enough to fill a moderate sized cemetery.

    The Clintons have a very ugly past, and I mean horrible and Hilary Clinton has nothing positive or any accomplishments to run on–just one crime after another one cover up after another and one lie after another, murder and dead bodies from Arkansas to NYC with a big one in DC. She may have skated the law but the American people really want nothing to do with her.

    Ready for more corruption…that’s what. The Clinton Global Criminal Initiative cannot wait to get back into power. Bill and Hill are slobbering all over themselves thinking about the billions more that will roll in when they can provide even more direct play….for those with big pay.

    • Arbi
      9 January 2016 at 9:00 am - Reply