City College San Francisco becomes first community college to offer free tuition

SAN FRANCISCO — City College of San Francisco, or CCSF, has become the first community college in the nation to offer free tuition, thanks to legislation by supervisor Jane Kim.
Prop W takes the revenue from a real estate transfer tax on properties over $5 million dollars, and puts into the free city college initiative.

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders — a proponent of free college tuition — was on hand to celebrate CCSF.

Sanders said it was an “international embarrassment” for students across the US not be able to receive higher education because their family lacks the money.

He continued to praise San Francisco for providing an educational opportunity for such people.
“It is not rhetoric. It is reality because you are living that reality right here, right now,!that when we stand together there is nothing that we can’t accomplish.”
In 2012, when City College was threatened to lose accreditation due to poor management practices, attendance dropped by about 30,000 students.

According to CCSF, a total of 6,450 new students are enrolled this semester.

4,600 of these new students are San Francisco residentS, which is a 51 percent increase from last fall when only 3,050 students who lived in San Francisco attended City College for the first time.
Fil-Am Hydra Mendoza — who sits on the San Francisco unified school district board of education — says San Francisco is ready to show the rest of the country that this was a good move by the city.

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