Church clergy abuse survivors speak out on new public reports, Vatican summit

OAKLAND — On Monday last week, the Diocese of Oakland released this list to the public. It contained the names of priests and other religious clergy who have worked with and in Oakland, who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse.

But this revelation and effort to be transparent was not received well by critics, specifically survivors of those abused by priests, they say this is just a PR stunt as it lacks many names and even details.

“We know of 132 clerics who’ve been associated with this Diocese of abuse either here or elsewhere,” said Dan McNevin. “So we are we are disappointed that the bishop has chosen to curate this list to truncate it. And what we want them to do is to actually not only publish the big list, but also begin to fill in the details, the details, we need, our work histories, where they abused when the diocese new and that’s important because we want to know how long this priest served in the diocese before he was taken out of ministry.”

One member of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, is aware and in touch with Filipino victims in California who, unfortunately, are afraid to speak up.

“I’ve been contacted for by some female victims who are Filipino who say that they have been sexually abused by a Filipino priest… they say that he’s still in San Jose… and he’s still abusing kids. None of the kids have come forward. They said that they don’t want to file a complaint for can publicly for it because they were afraid they will be killed.” 

Meanwhile, a historic 4-day summit has just concluded in the Vatican, tackling the crisis of priests and clergy abuse.

In his Sunday Mass, the pope says the priests and clergy who abuse the children are tools of Satan.

The Vatican has vowed concrete action, and would soon issue a new law creating a child protection policy for the Vatican City State that covers the Holy See bureaucracy.

A new handbook would be issued to “help the bishops of the world to defend clearly their responsibilities and their duties.”

But this did not sit well with victims and advocates gathered outside the Vatican, as they expressed their anger.

With the statements of the church seemingly not enough for victims and survivors, this battle for the truth and transparency has a ways to go before the Catholic Church, and many of the critics and doubters can finally come to a point or reconciliation and healing, something that the Catholic Church so proudly preaches.

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