Chinese New Year 2015: Year of the Goat predictions

HAYWARD, Calif. – Today marks the start of the new lunar year — the year of the goat.

Some people use this occasion to see a feng shui consultant.

Filipino American Lanie Ortega has been a feng shui consultant for the past 11 years who bases her readings on elements and stars.

She says that though the forecast for this year may not be as tranquil as the previous, there is still a lot to look forward to.

“In general, the year is good because all the elements in the chart are there,” said Ortega. “There’s no missing element. It’s all balanced.”

Ortega says that the best way to create more balance and invite more luck in your life is to surround yourself with colors.

“The first color that you can use is blue,” said Ortega. “Anything that is blue or black, or better if it’s dark blue. The darker it is, the more yen meaning, the more subtle.”

She says there will be some economic difficulties this year so we should be careful with our money.

“Businesses in banking or anything that deals with money and communication – it’s not going to be good this year,” said Ortega.

But it doesn’t mean that it will be a bad career year for everyone.

“Anything that is a fire element like restaurants, salons and wood elements like agriculture — something that deals with law [will thrive],” said Ortega. “The best animal sign that would capture most of the luck would be the rat and the tiger.”

She also advises us to be aware of diseases and harmful relationships.

“Health-wise, in general, it’s ok. But the dragon and the snake are going to be the ones that are going to suffer the more illnesses,” said Ortega. “Last year was a good year because that was the reigning star – love. This year’s star is argumental. This year’s love is good for the dog and the pig.”

Even though there may be challenges found in the forecast, feng shui has many different customs to counter them.

“In order to suppress that argumental and not-good star, offer an apple today and tomorrow to your friends or display apples in your home because apples are for harmony,” said Ortega.

Lanie says that no matter what your feng shui forecast may be, it’s up to you to enhance or counter it through charms, figurines, or just positive vibes.

For a feng shui consultation you can contact Lanie at or call her at 510-220-2482.

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