Chicago Fil-Ams still “feel the Bern” despite Sanders’ primary losses

By Connie Macatula-De Leon, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

CHICAGO – Illinois had a historic turnout on Super Tuesday 3. Election authorities said they were expecting a 35 percent turnout, but they were surprised to see 50-60 percent, causing ballot shortages, jammed machines, and delays in election reporting.

Despite the controversial rally  for Donald Trump last Friday – where violence erupted – Trump still won the Republican presidential primary election in the state.

Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic presidential primary in her home state of Illinois.

Some kababayans who backed her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, were not too pleased.

“Hilary Clinton is in the pockets of the big banks,” said Sanders supporter Ro Garcia. “We should take that power back and bring the economy back to the middle class and lower class.”

Kristina Tendilla, another Sanders Supporter, said Clinton’s experience as former Secretary of State would be very ‘status quo.’

For these Pinoys, Clinton and Trump may have won the primary, but the election is far from over.

“Bernie Sanders listens more to minority voices out there,” added Garcia. “I hope that the first big Tuesday primaries don’t make you feel bad about the numbers but that we are fighting for you out here in Chicago.”

Tendilla said she is excited to be a part of Sanders’ fight as something to rally for.

“I am really committed to making this country a place where we cannot repeat the same mistakes,” she said. “It has been hurtful to a lot of communities especially immigrant communities where people have been left out.”

While some Pinoys remain certain on their candidates, others remain undecided.

“Right now I’m shopping for the next president,” said Tony Hurtado, an undecided voter.

March 22 is the next primary election in Arizona and Utah and a Democratic caucus in Idaho.

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    17 March 2016 at 11:55 am - Reply

    No to Bern!!!!