Chicago Cubs, Addison Russell remain positive post-season

CHICAGO, IL — The Cubs are back in the postseason for the third consecutive year, after their 5-1 victory Wednesday over the St Louis Cardinals. The team is hoping to repeat history with another World Series win, just like its back-to-back championship wins in 1907 and 1908.

43-year old Rhodel Macasaet has not missed a single Cubs game, whether on TV or live at Wrigley Field. He calls himself a Cubs fan “since birth.” And when 23-year-old infielder Addison Russell joined the Cubs in 2014, Rhodel’s admiration for the team grew stronger.
“I am so proud of him especially because he’s half-Filipino,” he said.
46-year old Cubs fan Leah Famular says, her eyes are glued to the Cubs, specifically to Addison Russell.
“It’s the greatest feeling na ma-represent ang ating bansa in any way, whether sports, politics, or even academics.”
When BA asked Russell if the pressure is heightened this year, since the fans are hoping for a repeat of the World Series championship last year, he says:
“No. If anything, we know what we’re stacked up against. We know what it takes to win the World Series. We have the envisioning in our minds and we take it for what it is. We go out there every single day, we come out tough; doesn’t matter who’s on the other side on the field.”
Despite a challenging year for Russell, being six weeks on the disabled list due to an injured foot, and for having to go through a publicized divorce, Russell remains positive.
“This year has been definitely the most challenging year, being part of the big leagues,” he said. “Having the right people surround me, my agent — they’re really good. My family, the right type of friends, also my faith, too. Those components definitely help me out this year.”

Russell says life has many obstacles; that is why it is important to stay focused.

“You need to have big dreams. You need to do school work and reach for the stars. You definitely need to sacrifice your time to baseball or to whatever sport you want to be a professional in. Strive to hit your goal.”

The Chicago Cubs will open the National League Division Series on October 6th against the Washington Nationals, as they begin defense of their World Series championship.

“It was awesome last year because we won the World Series,” said Macasaet. “And hopefully we are going to do it again, so GO CUBS GO!!”


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