Chicago ConGen ready to help Pinoys in Ferguson

According to the Pew Research Institute there are more than four thousand Filipinos in the county of St. Louis, which Ferguson is part of.

But specifically in the city of Ferguson, where the violence has taken place, the US Census of 2010 cites that there are only 14 Filipinos there.

The Philippine consulate of Chicago has jurisdiction over Missouri.

Consul general Generoso Calonge joins us via Skype from Chicago.

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  • filam
    25 November 2014 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Justice was served. It was self defense. What kind of stupid
    Person will support thieves, thugs and no respect for the law.

  • noz
    26 November 2014 at 6:20 am - Reply

    ferguson demographic is predominantly black at 70%. the 14 filipinos living in ferguson are the very minute representation of the asian category. the town of ferguson is currently under siege by the violent protestors. the protests going viral in major cities and towns of the USA got inflamed by obozo, holder, sharpton, and other leaders of the black communities to intimidate the legal system, and the grand jury no indictment of officer wilson. the tactics of these uncontrollable protestors is uncivilized, determined to sabotage the legal system of extracting the truth of any given case involving whites/blacks, that is – only black being killed by white, and to contempt the grand jury pool of their decisions that goes against their militant connive. no matter what, even the criminal blacks, like this thug killed by a white officer must pay with convictions, regardless of hard evidences, exonerating the officer. if not fulfilled with conviction, the blacks and their homies will put the laws in their hands, through violence. how long these thuggish protestors will last remain to be seen, but as long as the tone of flip flopper obozo is into elevating these protestor thugs, more destructions are on the way, the new form of civil insurgence.

    • Wil
      30 November 2014 at 4:49 pm - Reply

      Noz, you’re obviously bias and ignorant of the facts. A grand jury is secret and there isn’t cross examination of the evidence. There isn’t a defense put on to see. It is presented in a one way manner. To blame President Obama for this is stupid and you are showing how prejudice you are. President Obama said he will not condone violent protest. You know nothing of the history of the United States and it violence towards it citizens of color. How do you know who the Black leaders of the community are? Is it because Fox News said who they were? Do know any Blacks? If you noticed that there were other people besides Black there protesting. I guess you wouldn’t notice, because obviously you are bias against Blacks. How would you like it if you were tried in secret and that you were not allowed to rebut what was presented? Think about it.

  • Delia
    1 December 2014 at 3:32 pm - Reply

    As we all know, the riots have long been fomented from the top down by Mr. ‘stay the course’ and his minions. In every city, it’s the same pattern, in addition to the usual burning, looting, and shooting, goons coagulate in public thoroughfares to block the smooth and orderly flow of traffic including emergency vehicles.

    They don’t care that this stupid stunt can cost people time, their jobs, and even their lives. If they get hit, they’ll blame the drivers and two-bit, cretinous predators with law degrees will plead their phoney baloney cases before some left winger in a black dress who will reward them for their deviant, devious, demonic behavior.