Chef Sharwin shares unique menu at San Francisco pop-up dinner

SAN FRANCISCO – Chef Sharwin Tee, host of the Lifestyle Network’s “Curiosity Got the Chef, plates his favorite dish which he believes is the cure for the hangover.

“It’s called paras,” said Chef Sharwin. “It’s stoner food. It’s Filipino stoner food. It’s garlic rice and beef, something to get the amats away.”

This is one of the six courses he cooked up for a unique pop-up dining experience for customers in San Francisco.

He calls tonight’s menu “Isang Araw: A Day in the Life of a Filipino”.

“The full menu will be taking you from breakfast to late evening,” said Chef Sharwin. “It’s basically worker’s man food. We just dressed it up a bit.”

Customers started with a silog meal, followed by a merienda of noodles, and traditional adobo tacos.

“Then we’ll do a fish course which is pesang isda but it’s a little bit of an ode to San Francisco since we’re here I’d figure I’d convert the pesang into a little bit of a chowder,” said Chef Sharwin.

Chef Sharwin has also been known for mixing his playful humor into his dishes.

“And then desert, which is called “Pasalubong Kay Misis”, because you’re home late after drinking and the missus is angry so you go to bring her something,” said Sharwin.

And the customers here say they welcome Chef Sharwin’s unique approach to familiar meals.

“I think the flavors are great and as being a Filipino-American growing up in America these are the flavors I grew up on.” Said Fred Jaravata.

“I never really knew that Filipino ate seven meals a day,” said Lyn-Lyn Melwan. “I only eat three but I guess Filipinos love to eat.”

Chef Sharwin says that he is motivated by meeting different Fil-Ams and hearing about their passion to bring Filipino cuisine to the mainstream global market.

“There are Filipino-Americans here when they talk about pushing our culture, pushing our food I can really feel the passion and it energizes me so I’m excited to meet and feel more of that and I’m sure that’s going to help me create more dishes,” said Chef Sharwin.

Chef Sharwin will be holding another pop-up event in Chicago Saturday, March 26th before heading back to the Philippines.

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