Charice performs despite being judged on her sexuality

By Bev Llorente, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 5, 2014

LAS VEGAS, NEV. – Hundreds of Filipinos from Southern Nevada, California and Arizona gathered at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to watch Pinay singing sensation, Charice, perform.

It’s been two years since Charice last performed on a Las Vegas stage, but she said she was happy to know that, amid controversies surrounding her personal life and career, her fans continue to support her.

Charice admitted coming out as a lesbian has not been easy.

She was packaged as a young, sweet girl with a big voice — as among up and coming singers under David Foster’s wing.

She has parted ways with Foster and have changed her look drastically as well.

She shared, “It’s very hard. People have no idea how hard it is. Sometimes, it’s easy for them to judge me. But they have no idea how hard it is. My only way to express how I feel is through music. For as long as I sing and share my music to everyone, I don’t care whatever they say. I just want to perform in front of the people who really love me,” she said.

Charice said she wants to show her true self during her North America concert tour.

She pointed out, “Now, I can choose the kind of music I want to do. Before, they would always tell me what to sing, what to wear. I’m proud of this tour because most of the ideas for it, came from me, with the help of my team.”

Her fans said they are proud of the person Charice has become and pledged to continue being there for her.

“We drove all the way from Phoenix, Arizona just to see Charice,” Josie Gaudin said.

“I’m really impressed and very proud of her. She is a multi-talented person. She deserves all the kudos that come her way. Her coming out is awesome. She is at peace with herself. It’s a personal thing. She should be judged on her talent,” Gloria Caoili added.

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  • Sarah
    6 May 2014 at 7:11 am - Reply

    Lesbian na lapastangan sa pamilya. Mahiya ka naman Charice.

  • Hoz Holla
    6 May 2014 at 1:55 pm - Reply

    I supported Charice when I first saw her on You Tube, before she was on Ellen. I supported her when she was on Oprah. I was amazed at her meteoric rise under David Fosters tutelage. Cha has worked so hard ALL HER LIFE to support her family. Imagine the pressure on her to not only perform but to be the breadwinner. Imagine the pressures she faced being marketed as that cute little girl when she felt otherwise.

    My wife and I were visiting Cebu this past winter and we were lucky to catch Charice and Aiza in their “Power of Two” Valentines concert. They blew the roof off the joint. She still has great funky dance moves, the same amazing voice.

    I will continue to support Charice no matter what her sexuality. I wish her happiness and continued success.