Charice on marrying Alyssa Quijano: “We will get there!”

By Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 4, 2014

BROOKS, Calif. – Theirs is a connection that began when they joined singing competitions as kids in the Philippines, about 12 years ago. For international singing sensation, Charice, her attraction to Alyssa Quijano was undeniable even then.

“When we were kids, I had a crush on her,” Charice admitted.

But Alyssa shared, “I was nine and she was ten years old. So I wasn’t aware of that kind of relationship.”

A few years ago, when Charice was getting busy with her career in the U.S., she reached out to Alyssa. “She opened up to me, crying, about a problem she had. She called up after a few years of no communication. Then, she opened up that she is a lesbian. Even before, I noticed her boyish ways,” Alyssa shared.

Their connection became even stronger in 2012 during Charice’s stint as a judge on X-Factor Philippines, where Alyssa was a contestant. Alyssa finished as a finalist on the show, but she ended up a winner in Charice’s heart.

They eventually became a couple in October of 2012. Shortly after coming out as a lesbian in June of 2013, Charice introduced Alyssa to the world — as the woman in her life.

Charice is in fact Alyssa’s first girlfriend. But she said she does not even want to label it as a lesbian relationship. What’s important she said is that she has a love connection with the singer. “The love connection between us is what’s important. It’s not about gender,” Alyssa pointed out.

Despite some backlash from the public for declaring their love, they became each other’s source of strength. “In all of our ups and downs, both of us need to be there for each other,” Alyssa remarked.

During Charice’s recent concerts in the U.S., Alyssa never left her side. Alyssa, a medical technician student, wants to be a doctor someday. But she’s put off her own dreams for now, even her ambition to become a professional singer, to be with Charice.

She reasoned, “It’s better if only one of us is in show business. It’s hard as it is.”

As she faces life, true to herself, Charice knows that marrying Alyssa will come when the time is right. The singing sensation said, “We talk about that a lot. We consider ourselves like a married couple…the way we treat each other, the way we plan our lives together…we know that’s where we’re headed.”

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