Los Angeles County changes procedures to bring more voters in before Super Tuesday

Los Angeles —  In the first weekend of the early voting period in California, nearly 10,000 voters hit the polls in Los Angeles County.

And many more have since cast their ballots – with only days to go before Super Tuesday.

Officials believe changes to voting in Los Angeles have helped spark more interest.

Voters can cast ballots at any voting center or at this mobile facility, which set up shop in Grand Park on Thursday afternoon.

“This is an opportunity to take advantage of a busy public space during the day and offer people a chance to vote and we see folks who work around here,” said Julia Diamond, Director of Grand Park. “Folks who live around the downtown area, jurors who are waiting to find out if they’re going to be on a jury so it’s a great way for voting to really connect with folks.”

Voters only need to check in with the poll workers who would then look up their names and addresses, and then the voters could mark their ballots on the electronic touch screen.

The mobile voting center will continue setting up shots throughout the LA County while, several centers will be open throughout the weekend leading up to the California primary on March 3rd.


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