By Steve Angeles, ABS CBN North America Bureau

CERRITOS, CALIF – Several Filipinos here are fighting for the reappointment of Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, a Fil-Am official recently denied of a chance to continue serving as the city planning commissioner.

The decision made by Cerritos Mayor Bruce Barrows, and City Council members Carol Chen and George Ray has sparked a huge outcry from the Filipino Community.

“Our concern is the decision was arbitrary there was no basis for their decision other than their own personal political agenda,” said Yokoyama’s sister Tatiana.

Frank Yokoyama, a local real estate executive, was a recent candidate in the March 5th Cerritos City Council election, and finished third place behind winners Chen and Ray.

“He was 600 votes shy of being elected city council, they’re very concerned because in two years he may run again and they’re concerned about their seats on city council,” added Tatiana.

Yokoyama’s supporters claim, the Cerritos native and Harvard educated lawyer deserves to have the post that he held for the past two years.

“As far as education he’s so qualified and they didn’t explain to us why they didn’t approve the appointment, “ said Carmelita Lampino.

The former planning commissioner who works as a real estate executive was recently suspended by the State Bar Association for not completing certain continuing educational requirements. The city council members who voted not to re-elect him cited the suspension as basis for their decision.

“It is based on 12 pages signed by a judge that took action to suspend his license for 30 days. It puts him on a 12 month-probation and does interfere with his ability to serve in a role that we expect him to,” said Cerritos Mayor Bruce Barrows.

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