Census outreach intensifies among Filipinos in Hawaii

WAIKIKI, HI — As April 1st, also known as Census Day, gets closer, members of the Filipino Complete Counts Committee in Hawaii are doing what they can to spread the message to all Filipinos to make sure they are counted in the 2020 census.

“Well, Filipinos, although they’re a large, um, the large second largest ethnic group in Hawaii, we still are working towards having equity in many areas and to be counted. I mean, to be counted that determines what resources that we would be able to access and are available,” said Agnes Malate, Student Equity, Excellence of the Diversity Office.

“The reason why I participated this one, because I want to be counted in the census also. All right. And, uh, this is the reason why I am here,” said Roger Cortez, Filipino complete counts committee member.

The Filipino Complete Counts Committee has engaged in various ways with the community — emphasizing the need to partake in federal resources through the U.S. Census.

“I think it’s important for us to be represented to raise awareness about how the census actually ties in to not just federal aid, but really to make our presence felt in the American scene.”

“…If we do not get counted, we will lose out on a lot of federal aid and a lot of federal programs, not to mention, having an accurate count of how many Filipinos there really are in America.”

The Filipino complete count committee is currently planning to host three census fairs in addition to participating in the annual Flores de Mayo fiesta in May. The Waipahu fair will be on March 14, Ewa Beach on March 21 and Kalihi on March 28.

Census takers will be present at the events so people can take steps to be counted.

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