Transgender Pinay, celebrity speak up about bathroom rights

NEW YORK – “Last week, Donald Trump said I can take a pee anywhere in the Trump facility.  I am going to take a pee in the ladies’ room. ” When transgender reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner took Donald Trump’s word that she could use whichever bathroom she wanted to use at the Trump Tower — she did and posted the video on Facebook.

It was Jenner’s statement against the controversial proposals and new laws banning transgender people from using bathrooms based on their gender identities.

Trump’s closest rival, Senator Ted Cruz, criticized the billionaire presidential front-runner and said that the bathroom law protects people from “predators”.  But Jenner had this message for Cruz: “Thank you Donald.  I really appreciate it and by the way Ted, nobody got molested.”

For Filipina transgender performer Apple V, who recently released her new single “Strip” on iTunes, she said you can strip everything from her but you can’t strip away who she really is — a transgender woman.

She said, “When I go to bathrooms, of course, I go straight to female bathrooms because that’s who I am, I’m a woman… I’m never gonna go to man’s bathroom because that not really where I’m supposed to be.”

Allan Amechazurra, a drag show performer known as “Summer Clearance” said he was born this way.  Though he is not a transgender, he is is proposing a gender neutral bathroom.  He said, “I prefer that there’s no gender at all because I think it should be open. I respect if there are certain rules. I respect obviously what the rules are but  if you have to go, you have to go.”

Apple V added, “Now that I’m fully transitioned, I think it’s just right for me to be in a woman’s bathroom. It would be really really awkward for men to see physically a woman in a bathroom for men.”

An Alabama city has recently joined North Carolina and Mississippi’s controversial anti-transgender bathroom bills that would send transgenders to six months in jail just by using bathrooms that reflect their gender identity.

Despite these policies affecting transgender people and sparking debates about equality and privacy, Apple V remained hopeful.  She said, “Reality wise, not everyone will understand it, hopefully in the near future, people will understand what we’re going through.”

North Carolina Democratic State Representative Darren Jackson filed a bill called HB 946 this week that seeks to repeal the controversial law.

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