Celebrating Philippine Independence Day with historical art

Between the months of June and July, Filipinos around the world celebrate freedom from Spain and from the US.

On America’s Fourth of July is also known as Filipino-American friendship day or the Philippine independence from the US in 1946.

Unknown to many, the Jones bridge crossing the Pasig river in Manila was named after former Virginia representative William Atkinson Jones who was the principal author of the Philippine Autonomy Act of 1916.
In honor of the 2016 centennial celebration of the Jones law, Filipino artist Celeste Lecaroz recently presented one of her paintings of the William Jones Memorial Bridge to the heirs of the late congressman, and another to the Richmond County museum.
“I gave so much meaning to it, all the stories, the stories behind the very powerful act, that created our nation,” she says. “Something that has got to be given back to the brilliant mind, or at least the family of the brilliant mind, who pushed for the autonomy of our land.”



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