Celebrating diversity, fighting bigotry in the Bay Area

DALY CITY — This was the viral video of a woman racially insulting a Filipino-American family at a Lucky’s Supermarket in Daly City, California this past June.

In response, Daly City officials presented the “Love Not Hate” event, which was a celebration of diversity and an intolerance for bigotry and racism.

Filipina-American mayor Juslyn Manalo was shocked that the racist incident took place in her city — and says an event like this was necessary.

“It’s about the community uniting together against any form of hate because that is not what our city represents.”

Vice Mayor Ray Buenaventura agrees.

“We shouldn’t bash immigrants. There seems to be some people who think that’s ok. And we here in Daly City believe here that it’s never ok that we are a land of immigrants, a city full of diversity of its people.”

The event featured a variety of performances for all ages and cultural backgrounds.

“People want to celebrate who they are and also others want to celebrate the other cultures that we are intertwined with.”

According to Mayor Manalo, the event may continue while also, promoting Hispanic Heritage Month in September and Filipino Heritage Month in October.

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